Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Update

Hey there! I owe you guys an update

I would like to let you all know that I am currently working on certain changes on this blog :) Don't worry, it will be GOOD changes.

I initially created this blog to post photos of some of the craft items I needed to sell months ago. I realized, that I don't have a lot to sell anymore, and this blog has been neglected for too long... and so was my Youtube channel (this needs a separate blog post lol) So, I have decided that as I turn 23 next month I will get back to blogging and filming videos. I have missed interacting with my readers and my viewers. I have been around, and still watch youtube videos here and there... just not producing as much as I used too. (back when I was in school)

For the past months, I have been wanting to publish a post but every time I try to type something... I end up doing something else work related. the last 2 years after college a lot has change basically here's what happened: (I graduated, spent months on staycation mode while managing a start up online business, decided to work for a company as my first real job, resigned, and recently put up my first business venture and currently am managing it)

For last 3 days prior to typing this, I have listed a lot of ideas for blog posts an videos that I am itching to get started on doing. I can't sleep well thinking about all of it. I am excited! I can't do it all at the moment but I am getting there...

One way of getting my groove on is by working on this blog's layout and design. I have 2 other blogs besides this one, both have different posts, one is for scrapbook related posts and the other is where you will see my more intimate/personal posts such as my OOTDs, reviews, and even posts with regards to my life outside of Youtube.

Now, this blog will contain:

A back story of each video I post on my channel
Youtube related events
Product Reviews
D.I.Y. tutorials
and so much more :) possibilities are endless

I hope you stick beside me through these changes and will be here to read my next post in a few weeks or even days after this. :) I'm praying my plans work out because I really do want to get back on track.

I'll also be posting new Youtube videos once I get them all edited and updated as well.
so don't miss it and subscribe on Youtube: SelectionsbyER

I make Clay Charms too!

I make Clay Charms too!