Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CLOSED Bling for Sale! (Lot)

Here's a Lot of Rhinestone self adhesive embellishments for your craft projects. If you are interested to get this from me please email me at selectionsbyer@gmail.com as much as possible, trough your paypal email. or send me a message on youtube. I only have 1 lot for this time. Let me know if you are interested to purchase these items individually on my blog and I shall carry them here.

Payment via Paypal
Regular Shipping
Item will be sent once I received your payment in my paypal account
Shipping transit may be as fast as 7 days to 1 month depending on your location
I will share a confirmation photo through your email as proof that i shipped your items
Items will come from the Philippines

If you have other questions of suggestions send me an email.

Thank You! -er

Photo of the Items

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I make Clay Charms too!

I make Clay Charms too!