Monday, April 27, 2015

Work in Progress

I am a work in progress.

Apparently, I get engulfed in a lot of work that I don't get enough time for leisure. In this case, blog and youtube. It's actually sad to realize that I have to schedule a specific date and time just for filming or for crafting. Now, I am grateful for the work that I do. I mean, not everyone gets to earn a living from their passion right? I'm a party stylist and a crafter by profession I'm very blessed to be in that field. I get to craft all day and earn from it! however, doing it daily... isn't ideal. For a creative person like me, inspiration is key. Once its gone, your "mojo" leaves w/ it. What I'm trying to say is that I am a work in progress since when i get invited to go out w/ friends and family, I'm almost always doing something... I intend to change that. Besides, It's summer time :)

So here's a blog post of updates and my work in progress.

If you haven't visited my youtube channel lately, I have posted a few videos on there from the past few months. I have decided to focus my youtube channel to Crafts, DIYs and Vlogs. I may still post beauty and clothing hauls in the future but, DIYs and Planner videos will be my priority. Besides, crafting had always been my number one passion. There are very few craft related youtubers in the Philippines and I'm looking forward to help change that and promote crafting as a hobby in the country. Lately, I've been decorating my planners and I'm looking forward to making a planner sticker line to cater to the local market soon. For now, here's a planner supplies haul from last month. There's a giveaway in there too! it ends in April 30! so enter now. :)

I am obsessed with planner videos lately. I have been enjoying watching people decorate their planners and show off their recent purchases. I'm almost always busy, thus my planner always gets filled up. Stickers and washi tape make me happy and it makes my weekly schedule less of an eye sore and more of a inspiration board.

You can see more of my planner and supplies on my IG page here:

That's all for now until my next blog post.



Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Update

Hey there! I owe you guys an update

I would like to let you all know that I am currently working on certain changes on this blog :) Don't worry, it will be GOOD changes.

I initially created this blog to post photos of some of the craft items I needed to sell months ago. I realized, that I don't have a lot to sell anymore, and this blog has been neglected for too long... and so was my Youtube channel (this needs a separate blog post lol) So, I have decided that as I turn 23 next month I will get back to blogging and filming videos. I have missed interacting with my readers and my viewers. I have been around, and still watch youtube videos here and there... just not producing as much as I used too. (back when I was in school)

For the past months, I have been wanting to publish a post but every time I try to type something... I end up doing something else work related. the last 2 years after college a lot has change basically here's what happened: (I graduated, spent months on staycation mode while managing a start up online business, decided to work for a company as my first real job, resigned, and recently put up my first business venture and currently am managing it)

For last 3 days prior to typing this, I have listed a lot of ideas for blog posts an videos that I am itching to get started on doing. I can't sleep well thinking about all of it. I am excited! I can't do it all at the moment but I am getting there...

One way of getting my groove on is by working on this blog's layout and design. I have 2 other blogs besides this one, both have different posts, one is for scrapbook related posts and the other is where you will see my more intimate/personal posts such as my OOTDs, reviews, and even posts with regards to my life outside of Youtube.

Now, this blog will contain:

A back story of each video I post on my channel
Youtube related events
Product Reviews
D.I.Y. tutorials
and so much more :) possibilities are endless

I hope you stick beside me through these changes and will be here to read my next post in a few weeks or even days after this. :) I'm praying my plans work out because I really do want to get back on track.

I'll also be posting new Youtube videos once I get them all edited and updated as well.
so don't miss it and subscribe on Youtube: SelectionsbyER

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CLOSED Bling for Sale! (Lot)

Here's a Lot of Rhinestone self adhesive embellishments for your craft projects. If you are interested to get this from me please email me at as much as possible, trough your paypal email. or send me a message on youtube. I only have 1 lot for this time. Let me know if you are interested to purchase these items individually on my blog and I shall carry them here.

Payment via Paypal
Regular Shipping
Item will be sent once I received your payment in my paypal account
Shipping transit may be as fast as 7 days to 1 month depending on your location
I will share a confirmation photo through your email as proof that i shipped your items
Items will come from the Philippines

If you have other questions of suggestions send me an email.

Thank You! -er

Photo of the Items

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CLOSED Blog sale currently closed. . .

Hi everyone!
to those who are waiting for new items to be placed in the blog sale, I'd like to let you know that I haven't been posting new items because I have been very very busy with another side of the business catering to polymer clay items and ready to wear clothes which can be found at facebook.

However: if u want to get in touch w/ me for special product requests, please email me at

I will get back to you ASAP. :)

as for now. . . please visit my facebook page, just search "CLAY GOODIES" on facebook and add us up :)

Take care everyone! I will update you all as soon as I place new items in this store :) take care! and Happy Crafting!

Friday, February 11, 2011

CLOSED Handmade lace flowers a lace bundle and individual lace for sale!

here is one of  the "bella lace set" which i put together. i have one set available. i can make some more upon request. :) the only lace that will vary will be the largest black lace.
you will get 1 of each lace design below: (1 meter each or 1.09 yards each lace) with FREE white trim!

on how to purchase please see the guidelines at the top
for shipping information please see the post below. 
price: $8.00 only! (weight per package 100g)


I made the flowers myself :) and the packaging too! ^,^
I only have 1 of each set available so grab them now!

on how to purchase please see the guidelines at the top
for shipping information please see the post below.

retail price: $2.99 per pack (4pcs) (weight per package more or less 20g)

set A--top
set B--bottom (sold)

Fun tape measures for sale! (note: i found them at a local store and decided to sell it for retail and repackaged it.)

on how to purchase please see the guidelines at the top
for shipping information please see the post below. 

retail price: $1.00 each (weight per piece more or less 50g)

1 of pink is available
1 of white is available
I will restock if there is a demand for it :) pink has limited stocks


item code: measuring tape pink, measuring tape white

lace trims for retail:

item code: (BLK-002)

 $1.40 (venice cream lace)
item code: (WEC-002)
 $1.40 scalloped ecru
item code: (WEC-001)
item code: (R-001)
item code: (W-002)

item code: (W-001)
item code: (WEC-003)

item code: (FBS-red)
                (FBS-white)---SOLD OUT
 $1.00 -peach double flatback pearl trim
item code (FBD-peach)

item code (FBS- blue)
(FBS- ocean green)
 item code: (FBS-vintage pink)
 .70 cents
item code (maroon velvet ribbon)
price: $1 per 1.09 yards
item code: V-002
 price: $1 per 1.09 yards
item code: W-003

price: $1 per pack of 4 (In Stock)
item code: pearl heart petals
 close up picture
 price: $1 per pack of 4 (In stock)
item code: bronze heart petals
 close up picture (In stock)
 price: $1 per pack of 4 (In Stock)
item code: bronze flower small
 close up picture(In Stock)
 price: $1 (per 3 meters/3.27 yards)
item code: rose-001
 price: $1 (per 3 meters/3.27 yards) (SOLD OUT)
item code: BLK-003
 Price: $1 per meter/1.09 yards
item code: BLU-002
 Price: $1 per meter/1.09 yards
item code: BLU-003
 Price: $1 only!
per meter/1.09 yards
item code: BLU-001
 Price: $1 only!
per meter/1.09 yards

item code: BRW-001



Monday, February 7, 2011

I make Clay Charms too!

I make Clay Charms too!